Friday, March 06, 2009

my world is spinning

Thanks Ajami Hashim! Those who want to watch Odoi Odu or any of the Astro Kirana Short Films Award can do so by logging in here.

When I saw Drama Queen Tatiana was selected for the wild card, I freaked out. OMG why her? Is this some twisted joke the universe is playing on all of us? Because it is not funny. Thank goodness she is nowhere near the AI.8 finals. *woohoo*

Yes, I refer the universe as a he because he sure has no sensibility or sense of humor. *whistles*

Btw, who's my favourite?
Danny Gokey, Anoop Desai & Allison Iraheta.

AF fever is baaaaacckkkk!!! Hee.
I MAY be bias this year but let’s wait till the announcement of the finalist before I do or declare anything. *grins* Nanti people say I syiok sendiri pula. I lobbied my mom and son but my mom PRETENDED not to hear me. I know she’s excited because although she refrain herself from smiling, her eyes were twinkling with delight! *LOL* My son raised his eyebrow and said “What are you talking about?”

This morning during my meeting, I received a phone call from an unknown number. I USUALLY would not pick up unknown caller but I pick it up anyway thinking it is one of the local reporters. My heart sank when she said she is calling from Ekiel’s school.

Ekiel injured himself when he ran around the class, fell and knocked his face at the corner of the table. He cut himself between the eyes. The teacher assured me it’s not that bad, and that the bleeding has stopped after they applied medication on it. As this is my first experience, I didn’t really know how to react. The teacher must think I am mad when I asked her if Ekiel needs to be sent to the hospital. *LOL*

I think I must start preparing myself for cases like this. You know, practising intelligent questions during emergency cases.

“Does his cut require stitches or special medical attention?”
Is this considered an intelligent question? Ha.

According to my mom, it was a 0.5cm not so deep cut. I asked Ekiel what happened, he said he fell down, hurt his head and one of his friends stepped on him. I asked him if he cried, he insisted he didn’t and told me not to be ridiculous. *claps hand*

My hero.

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