Monday, March 23, 2009

10 biggest lies… (in no particular order)

I heard:

1.       I’m single

2.       We’re separated

3.       We’re just friends

4.       I was drunk

5.       I have been nothing but nice to you

6.       It doesn’t mean a thing

7.       I love you

8.       I do this because I love you

9.       I only say or do this for you

10.   I have never done anything like this before


I told:

1.       It’s not you, it’s me

2.       It’s okay

3.       It’s no big deal

4.       Yes, you are great

5.       No, I didn’t wait for you

6.       I am not upset

7.       Of course I don’t go check the other guys out

8.       I don’t remember

9.       I don’t know what you mean

10.   I understand

It’s funny. Sometimes we thought we know everything about that person but it is very the opposite really. Once you find out the truth, you begin to wonder what else was made up, what else were said for the sake of saying it.

I admit there are plenty things that I’ve said that are not the exact truth because I didn’t want to upset the other person. I know it doesn’t justify the lies but I believe as long as she or he is happy without having to know the truth, then why not kan?

But I of course, prefer to hear the honest truth. Sure I’ll be upset and crazy for a while but I will bounce back. I always do.

After last week, I hope this week is filled with sunshine and rainbows. Have a great week people!

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