Tuesday, March 24, 2009

5 minutes entry

I am very the happy these days. *hee*
Those posts are not about me, but about those around me which is indeed a series of unfortunate incidents. I am sad because my friends are sad.

That is why I said I sometimes feel guilty for grinning like an idiot. A happy idiot that is. One messed up happy idiot. And I don’t mind. *LOL*

Thanks for the concern though.
I feel so loved.

Okay. No more emo entries like that. *winks*
At least not for the entire week. Ha.

My son attends a Chinese pre-school because I think it will benefit him in the future though he may feel differently in the next few years. We’ve have already gone through the Chinese homework headache. Yes, it is easy because you just have to trace the line, curves and what not. The only thing is the teacher would always write one whole Chinese character without “translating” it to English for the benefit of us the non Chinese speaking parents. So when Ekiel ask me what it is, I always scratch my head and try to come up with something creative. Unfortunately, that boy does not think I am funny and we sometimes end up arguing about it.

But that’s not what concerns me the most.

Lately, when he reads his numbers, I noticed he uses all three different languages; English, Malay & Chinese. It’s like 0 = Ling. 1 = Satu. 2 = Two. 3 = San. 4 = Four. *LOL* It’s cute at first but after a couple of weeks I get a little nervous.

Me: What is this (pointing to 0)?
Ekiel: Ling.
Me: Good boy. What is it in Malay?
Ekiel: Got lubang (hole).

How can I not freak out?

Every time I ask him how is his days in school, he always say “I didn’t hit my friends today”. It’s like him saying, “I didn’t hit me friends today like I did the other day”. *shakes head in frustration*

He is growing up so fast. I realized this when he knows how to switch on and off the bathroom lights without help at all. *sniffs*


tsmanta said...

The "got lubang" part really cracked me up. LOL.

My daugther's preschool also teaches Mandarin so sometimes at home she sometimes used some mandarin words like 'come here' or 'what is this' or 'toilet' (of course all in mandarin lah, am not sure how to sebut :P). Now I really MUST go for that quick mandarin course...

Lala, I kenot stop myself from smiling sendiri ni..."got lubang"..hahaha

angelicbug said...

hee. I know what u mean Tara.
if i think abt it pun i still can laugh tp gerigitan bah. he argue lagi tu saying he's correct coz mmg got lubang di tgh2.

maybe we should go for that mandarin classes together-gether. if not one day... habis lar. kena kutuk pun kita tdk tau ni.