Monday, March 09, 2009

Make a wish

“Make a wish and believe it with all your heart” – One Tree Hill

With my crazy-mess and overactive imagination, you would think that I would come up with the most unique and special birthday wish every year.

“I wish I would dream the winning jackpot number, hit the RM20mill, screaming “I QUIT!” while throwing my paper plane resignation letter, pamper myself silly until I look as hot if not better than Megan Fox, build a mansion and spoil my family friends, go to every country in the world and eat every type of bread available and finally with no more headaches and nothing better to do, meet my soul mate, fall in love and live happily ever after”. 

Or something like that.

Yes, I am aware it is just a birthday wish that someone made up many moons ago. *sticks tongue out* I believe nothing is impossible so even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus, just humour me will you?

So, truth is, every time I am about to blow the candles, my mind becomes a mess and the next thing I know, I say the first thing that comes into my head. What a waste! I had three birthday cakes this year and I only made one hasty wish. *tsk tsk tsk*

I guess my need wanting it to be perfect only spoils the whole thing. That and plus the pressure from those people who can never wait to stuff themselves with the cake or by those who could not wait to stop pretending like they care and go back doing whatever they were doing. Take your pick.

“Bah, cepatlah. Cair sudah tu lilin. Nanti terbakar tu kek kau”
(Blow the candles quick before the cake is on fire!)

I don’t understand how or why I fall for that lie. Every year! I have yet to see or hear a burnt birthday cake because someone needs extra time making his or her birthday wish! I may be wrong though. There are plenty of weird things out there e.g. Drama Queen T.

Anyway, my point is, I also totally believe what Wildcat said about her believing Paulo Coelho – “If you want something badly, the whole universe will conspire to give it to you”.

You see, every year since I was 16, all I wish was to be... happy because I know I will never get a BF or be skinny when I wake up the next day. *LOL* Yes, I have always been a practical person from a young age. Hee.

So, in some twisted way, wishes do come true if you believe in it. BUT again, life works in mysterious ways. So those getting rich and have supermodel bodies wishes automatically cancels itself. No, I do not want to get into details because I refuse to accept the “No pain, no gain” theory. *LOL*

Dream big people. In fact, just dream because there is no such thing as little dreams.

Btw, I was a big fan of One Tree Hill when it was first aired. I’ve stopped watching because I think they need to go out from wherever they are. They have dated everyone and anyone in that neighbourhood. *gross out* Tonight, after channel surfing for 10 minutes, I settled for the last bit of the One Tree Hill (it’s in their 5th season) and man that Chad Michael Murray is still so YUM-MY.      

Now, this will be one dream that never would come true. *sighs*

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