Thursday, March 19, 2009

i want...

Self control is a pretty big word, well at least for me.
Every day, in one way or another, the universe teases me with temptation that is just so *shudders* sweet, I want to break into songs and dances to express how I feel. Hee.

Without self control, I think I’d be in prison right now for assault and harassment charges. *whistles* I would also have rooms filled with shoes that I hardly or never use. Instead of writing this entry, I’d be living like a hobo just enjoying every moment without caring about anything else and the scary bit is I may also not be here because I am already six feet under.

I’ve already written the conclusion to that statement without even trying. *pats own shoulder*
So what am I going to blog about now?

I am so full it is not funny.

I was shocked to hear a 10 year old threatens a 12 year old via SMS because the 10 year old think the 12 year old is stealing her best friend. The 10 year old used colorful phrases such as “You’ll be sorry you ever live”, “I’ll make your life miserable” and “F*** you”. So very the “Mean Girls” don’t you think only these kids are much younger. If they can talk like these now, imagine what that girl is like in 5 years time. *shudders*

I have never in my 31 years of life say anything like that, well at least not out loud to anyone. Not even to those I dislike. My thing about confrontation will only allow me to walk away and be invisible.

I feel sad for the little girl because the only explanation that could explain this psychotic behavior is; she lacks love and attention from the people who obviously have no time for her. *tsk tsk tsk*

Thank goodness during my kekurang kasih sayang (attention deprived) years, I didn’t turn out like her kan? If I did, I would surely get a good spanking from my mom and left hanging, upside down from the mango tree. Scary worr.

Yes, I am no longer kekurangan kasih sayang, thank you very much. *winks* It feels good to be loved. A natural high. *LOL*

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