Saturday, March 21, 2009

this weekend

I got so many things to do this weekend and on top of that list is LAUNDRY!!!

Though I am the type to just dump everything in the washing machine, I still find the whole process tedious. Have to bring the laundry basket down, operate the machine, pour the detergent in, hang the clothes when it is done, fold them, carry it back up and stuff it *ahem* neatly in the cupboard. I am not lazy *whistles* I just dislike laundry.

Plus ironing too! *rolls eyes*
I rather do the dishes. Scrapping pots and pans included.

Then I have the assignment cum presentation. *vomits blood* It’s not that bad really but I am just so freakin’ lazy to do it. *whistles* With the Internet connection being so unpredictable, I worry I will end up presenting “Why am I addicted to marshmallows and FB so much”. *grins*

The list continues with things such as chat, clean the room, watch TV, rearrange my documents, get a grip of life, chat, figure out the jackpot winning number patterns, catch up with friends, watch TV, chat, FB, blogging, and blah blah blah.

A fun packed weekend! *woohoo*

I think it’s time for a new makeover. No, not for me but for this site. I am still keeping the black and green theme though. Other than that, I have no clue what I want. *thinks hard* I am thinking of logo or something but my limited knowledge of Photoshop and Coreldraw will take me ages before I finish one. See if I can bribe one of the designers here to do it for me. *bats eyelashes* *LOL*… mcm out of tune this. I really need to work on my flirting skills!

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