Sunday, March 22, 2009


I always think Malaysia’s reality show contestants do not have the X-factor that we are looking for. Well at least I think so larr. As much as I try to avoid these shows, I am always pulled into it despite my whining about the tragic performances.

Okay, I agree not all of them are bad. But mostly fail to maintain that brilliance week after week. Not only as individual participant but the whole show in general.

This year while channel surfing, I stumbled on One In A Million season 3 by chance. I was thinking, OMG how many singing reality shows does a small country like ours need. I kept watching it anyway because I swear there is nothing good to watch on a Friday night!

Towards the end of the show I was pleasantly surprised and this is one of those moments where I do not mind to be proven wrong with a shoe shoved in my big mouth!

The contestants were given the opportunity to market themselves as an entertainer with their own genre of music, and adding their own flavour into the songs. Unlike other shows where you are expected to be “versatile” though the chances of it snowing here in Malaysia is higher than the chances of you singing that genre in public let alone making an album with it!

It was obvious in a particular week where some music writers/producers discourage the participants from “pimp-ing” their creation where although the participants did a good job in singing the song like the original singer but they surely failed to impress the crowd. And me!

Anyway, I am thrilled with the progress and I hope this progress evolves into something bigger. *crosses fingers and toes*


Esther - Won’t Go Home Without You


Amylea – I’m yours


Tomok – Crazy in Love


Aweera – Gemilang


carolchs said...

oh my...i've always missed OIAM3...itu pun i follow ester's from youtube juga. but i didnt some of them are very talented and worth watching every week lah!

will block my date for OIAM3 next week. Friday night kah tu?

angelicbug said...

yes... every friday, 9.30pm.
let me know what u think ya carol.
hee, i've been promoting OIAM3 to everyone these days.