Thursday, March 26, 2009

heat heat go away

The heat is messing with my mind.
I am just physically exhausted and my shoulder and neck hurts big time!
*sighs* I need lots of TLC.

I think the sun melted my energy when she should be melting my *ahem* fats instead *looks indirectly to the sun questioningly* Five minutes under the sun makes me want to just find the nearest pool, jump in and doze off. Of course without drowning myself that is.

So when I am assigned to “babysit” this group, I was not a happy camper. However, after meeting them, I changed my mind because they are nothing like the other group I babysat recently. In fact these people are friendlier and fun. Of course the biggest incentive was to be able to “cuci mata” (guy watching) big time. *evil laugh* No, not at the celebrities but the crew members. *grins*

Kengkawan, bila kita mau pi Philippines ni?*LOL*

Cuci mata saja bah.


eSKay said...

alaaaaa.. blakang pasar got bah.. u go la cuci mata there.. y want to go so far??

angelicbug said...

cis... tdk sama that.