Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I didn’t realize the email was forwarded to the wrong person. *bangs head on wall* What was I thinking? I must be losing my mind for being so bloody careless. Oh well. It is done. I think I did a good job trying to cover it up but knowing him, I am very sure he will use it against me if not today surely sometime soon.

I am so quick to lose my temper these days. What is the matter with me?

I received the forwarded emails of the late Nurin’s post mortem photos. I couldn’t bring myself to look at it. The photos is not ours to see. It’s too personal. It’s already terrible for her to go through what she went through but even after her death, she is not left to rest in peace. When I commented this, someone emotionally blamed the cops or those who did the autopsy for taking the photos and circulated it through email. She claimed it is irresponsible and disgusting thing to do but she herself forwarded those pictures to her friends.

We always go on blaming everyone else without thinking that we are doing exactly the same.
*sighs* I sometimes wish people will not tell me things so I won't think unnecessarily. The more information I know, the more I want to analyze the situation or understand why people react in such ways. I wish I could turn it off but it is so bloody difficult.

The funny thing is, most time I'd be wondering if the information that I've gotten is reliable.

Must work be so politically stressing? Should I put up a fight? Will I be able to hold my ground? When I questioned, I am not a team player. When I give in, I am an arse kisser. So confusing. It's tiring. It's not funny.

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