Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday ending too soon

When stubbornness and stupidity combines, it spells pain in the arse and trouble. I have argued about this with someone and she thinks I am being too hard. When the problem got worse, she channels her frustration not only on that person, but everyone else as well. *sighs*

I don’t expect people to be rocket scientists. I just wish people would use their head a little.

Do you know anyone who can never find whatever they’re looking for, even when the thing is right under their nose? Tell them the exact location and they still won’t be able to find it. Sometimes I think these people either pretend to look for it or they look with their eyes close. What about people who misunderstood your instructions, but refused to admit it and blame you instead? Strange but true, my life revolves around these people.

Maybe this is why I am always attracted to people who are knowledgeable, worldly, witty and composed. *ahaks*

It’s almost November. *panics* I haven’t achieve/done anything significant yet. Did I make a resolution list this year? *Erkk* I don’t even remember. Time flies when you’re having fun but the problem is, it’s no joyride. So where did time go?


Anonymous said...

are u involved with the sabah fiesta too Lala?

hubby quite busy with that event...can't even attend my bro's church wdg cos it falls on the same day as the sabah fiesta.

angelicbug said...

i accidentally got involved. LOL. but I'll be there to support my team. did ur hubby tell you i asked him if he's ur hubby? i panicked for a while when he said Carol who? :D

Anonymous said...

LOL..he did mention, "i met one of ur blogger friends...clarice? clara?"