Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love weddings

I attended a friend’s wedding today. I love weddings though I don’t attend wedding much. In fact I think I have only attended three or four church weddings and a handful wedding dinner/luncheon.

The whole wedding theme, décor, colors, flower arrangements, centerpieces, programs, song selections, the food & beverages, the conduct of the bride & groom’s family members/guests, the fashion/style of the whole wedding entourage, and of course the bride and groom themselves fascinates me.

I can imagine the amount of work, time and energy spent on planning and organizing a wedding. (Almost) everyone told me it’s exhausting. I’m sure it is. Even on the wedding day itself the bride and groom has to be on their feet the whole day making sure everyone is entertained and there is enough food and drink to go around. We must not forget the gazillion of photos they are required to take, and the smiling, you need to smile even when your face hurts. The maid of the honor was told many times not to frown and the bride complained that wedding is not fun at all. *LOL*

Anyway, the bride was beautiful and her maid of honor/bridesmaids are pretty as well. I said pretty because they must never outshine the bride right? The food was delicious, and the drinks were plenty. The entertainment was indeed entertaining with everyone coming up on stage wanting to show off their talent. Sadly, not all of them are talented. *LOL* I told myself not to do an open mic thingy on my wedding. Hee. But there’s one girl (about seven or eight) who sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Moon River beautifully.

Yes, I do somewhat know what I want for my wedding. No, I do not have a scrapbook like some people though. I believe every girl must have at least once imagined how her wedding will be like. I used to want a grand wedding with plenty of guests to celebrate my special day with me. I want to wear one of those really big wedding dresses with a veil as long as ten feet to have that princess-sy effect. When I think about it, where am I going to find that many guests? *chuckles* Or the money to host an elaborate wedding I pretend to have in my Lala Land.

As I get older I think a simple and intimate wedding will do. The details are still important of course but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. After all, when you try to be different by being too difficult, it will only lead to a whole load of mess. It’s your wedding, not some competition.

I have heard a fairy tale wedding complete with backdrops of castle, cupids and unicorns. That is WAY too much, don’t you think. Like I said, it’s your wedding. Not some high school musical.

To J&L, congratulations and may your marriage be filled with lots of love and blessings.

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