Friday, October 26, 2007

I don't want to friend you larr

I thought after a certain age, one would stop behaving like a child. Obviously this is crazy thinking. At their age and mine, I thought the whole “You don’t friend her/him” phase is over. Again, crazy thinking.

When someone told me not so long ago that I should not befriended XX because half the things she said is not true, I was shocked but amused. It’s funny because I have heard the same thing about so many other people, and if I listen to them I would not have any friends at all. Him included.

Though there are times when I wish I live on the moon alone, I know I could not survive many days without having someone entertaining my blabbing.

Just a couple of days ago, I heard a newer version of this so-called advise.

“You better don’t hangout with them so often or you’ll be in the list (of people whose future depends on people who thinks they’re in control) next”.

Seriously? At that moment, I wasn’t thinking straight so I couldn’t see the humor behind the horrible threat. I was upset because there are times when I was almost fooled with their fa├žade. Pretending to be the nicest people to ever walk on earth. *sticks tongue out* Victim of circumstances my foot. I just want to slap them silly.

Today, I feel like a second class staff. I know it is human nature to play favorites, but there has to be a limit. Although I only lose my cool for about 10 minutes, I surely did not forget. What goes around, comes around and I hope karma will bit him hard in both his nuts because the Wuss deserves it.

I once applied replacement leave a month after the function because I was busy. Wuss rejected my application because it was over the one month validity period. I was upset but rules are rules. Today I found out, another colleague also applied replacement off a month after the function but Wuss approved his leave. Bloody hell. Wuss approved another colleague’s carried forward leave but he questioned my application.

It pisses me off because I work my butt off and this is the kind of treatment I get? I am more worried with the yearly appraisal needed to be submitted to HR by end of this month. I know he is powerless but I really hate the discrimination. He thinks I am an idiot, but he has no clue what I can do. *roars like a lioness*

I need to find a smart way to settle this.

*waves to Puteri Santubong*
I’ll keep my word. Wait and see. *jeng jeng jeng*


msLabadin said...

haha apa lah Tara... hehehe.. so kasian u lala... kalau sia tu sure puncture the tire hehehe (nolah kidding only what) but sia pun believe itu karma... God is Good... u'll c..

angelicbug said...

ntah la but even the guys in my office admit he favors the guys more and they take advantage lagi tu. cish.