Sunday, October 21, 2007

Me no Heart

Curiosity kills the cat. In this case, me. This is one of those times I wish I wasn't so curious about something. Now that I know, I don't know what to do, what to think or even what to feel.

I am worried though. The world is getting smaller, and smaller and smaller. No matter how hard you cross your fingers or knock on wood, paths could still cross. Hopefully when that happens, I'll know what to do. Until then, I'd rather not think about it.

I was surprised when my colleague told me she reads my blog. *blushes* When she told me this, I immediately wonder whether I have written something she shouldn't be reading. I cannot help it. It was a spontenous reaction. *waves at her* Hope you enjoy my blabbing.

I wonder what I'll do when an angry mob confronts me about the things I have written about them? As long as I don't start crying, then it's fine.

I need to go pee but it's a long long walk to the ladies. So I'll save it for later.


I am on my replacement leave today. You have no idea how good is it to be at home and do nothing. Though I can hear my son terrorizing everyone with my mom/sisters yelling at him, this is my bliss - my own space doing my own thing.
I finally watched the Indonesian movie “Heart”. I know, I know. I am so outdated, blah blah blah. I have heard so much about the movies and enjoyed the soundtracks but I haven’t seen the movie because nobody wants to go watch a sappy movie with me. Well, not here anyway.

The dilemma between love and friendship. (At this very moment the player is playing Dilemma by Nelly & Kelly Rowland. How ironic is that?) I hope I will never be caught in that position because it’s not easy. If you ask me now, I don’t even have to think to know that I will choose friendship over love. BUT I may change my mind. Love makes you do funny things.

But if I am ever in Rachel’s shoe, I hope the guy in Farel’s shoe is not an idiot like Farel’s character. I am so sorry but he just pisses me off. Maybe the way I look at the story is wrong, but hell, when your best friend died, you should at least attend the funeral right? I know the GF is dying but she’s getting a new heart, Rachel’s heart (though I assume he doesn’t know this until after Rachel’s funeral). So can’t he spend an hour or so to attend the funeral service? I am sure the GF would understand this right? I would.

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Hi Lala...just wanna tell u, i've found my way to ur blog...:)