Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Pet Story

I am so addicted to Fluff Friends in FB. My pet frog, Ek Ek is adorable. Though he looks like every other frog in FB, mine is special because I said so. *sticks tongue out* I admit that I hardly feed Ek Ek because I used all the money to bet on the races BUT I do pet him often though it does nothing to increase Ek Ek’s mood or speed. Hee.

I could still remember most of the pets I/my family used to have over the years.

Stray cats. We used to have lots of them because we feed them with leftovers every night. I don’t know what happened to any of them.

My sister had two rabbits. I remember us bathing the rabbits and my mom feeding them some kind of vegetable. The next morning both rabbits died because rabbits don’t eat the type of vegetable my mom feeds them. *Opps*

I know we had few dogs but there are only two dogs that I remembered the most. One was a black dog. I remembered him/her (I don’t remember the gender) because one day on our way out, we saw him/her on by the roadside, few houses away from mine, dead. When we got home, the dead dog was no longer there. My dad told us someone had picked him for dinner. I am sure he is joking but the thought of someone eating the dog still haunts me.

Another dog I remember was a puppy my grandma sent from kampung. I think the puppy got a little disorientated after the six hours ride from Sandakan. The moment my uncle opened the car door, the poor puppy started running around our yard and dived into a monsoon drain behind my house. We, well my brothers tried to save it by holding out a stick (like that would do any good) but the puppy refused to be saved. So bye bye doggie.

We also had two tortoises. We had them when they were the size of a fifty-cent coin and grew to almost a plate size. Somehow both turtles managed to escape from the basin where my mom keeps them. According to her, she covered the basin with some wire thingy and put a big heavy stone of top of it to keep the tortoises from escaping. Well, that obviously didn’t work.

My mom also used to keep fishes. Not the fancy ones you see at the pet stores but these are the plain-looking fish. I don’t know what it is called. Ikan Karuk? Anyway, one day I was on the phone with First Crush. I told him how smart my mom’s fish were because it could do the backstroke. First Crush told me to tab the aquarium a little. There were no responses from the fish and First Crush told me that the fish had gone to a much happier place. So shy only.

When I got much older, I bought a pair of tortoise for myself because I thought it would be fun. I didn’t realise the amount of work involved because obviously my mom did all the cleaning and feeding of the escaped tortoises. When the tortoise got a little too big for the aquarium I bought for them, I got a reason to give them away to a friend who has a pond at his house. I am very sure the tortoises are very happy there with the little zoo my friend created at his home.

For my I can’t remember which birthday, my friend gave me two female and one male hamsters. Those hamsters multiplied within weeks! Though I managed to give some away, some have their own horror stories. The two female hamsters fought over the male hamster. Hamster A got bitten by Hamster B on the face and died horribly. Yes people, half of Hamster A’s face was gone. One hamster disappeared mysteriously because the cage was tightly locked but one hamster is missing. He must be one intelligent hamster to be able to unlock and lock the cage’s door. One mommy hamster gave birth for the first time and got freaked out when half of the baby hamster was sticking out of her. So she went crazy in the cage by running around and around. Next thing I know both mommy and baby hamster died. The last hamster to survive was the original male hamster I named Amai after a friend. He lived for more than two years before he died a natural death. When Amai the hamster died, her was furless and his balls were so huge, he had to dragged it around. I swear this is real. My friends think he died from ball cancer but I rather think he died of old age.

After the last hamster, I told myself not to do anything crazy like that anymore.

My brother and his girlfriend however brought an orange stray kitten home and named her Pinky Pyramid. No clue what’s with that name. Anyway, believe me when I say the cat is evil and I have scars to prove it. One incident happened in the middle of the night. I didn’t realised Pinky was sleeping on the rug right in front of my bedroom door. When I got out to go to the washroom, I ACCIDENTALLY stepped on Pinky and that cat didn’t want to let go of my left foot. Another incident was when a friend of mine who stayed in a different block invited Pinky to play with her cat. I thought Pinky could use some feline company so I carried her to my friend’s place. As we were going down the stairs, she suddenly panicked and started attacking me like a mad cat she was. I know she is just a cat, but what Pinky wants Pinky gets because if you don’t give it to her, she’ll start attacking you. One day she went out of the house and refused to come home. Last I saw her; she was like the queen stray cat of the place we used to live.

I have plenty bad experiences with animals. A protective mommy cow chased me and I jumped over a four-foot fence. I was chased around school by a dog. A dog tried to bite my head because she likes me *rolls eyes* A cat clawed my thighs while I was seating on a chair and that cat dangled on air for 10 seconds.

These reasons are enough to justify my reason for never wanting a pet. Animals and I just don’t click.

But if I could keep any pet I want, any pet at all, I would like to have a baby chimpanzee or a baby elephant. That would be something. So until I could get myself either one, I’ll stick to Ek Ek my froggy at Fluff Friends.

Ohh... I must never forget my tomagochi pet. He died numerous time from his own... waste. Hee. So if I am ever going to get that pet chimpanzee or elephant, they better know how to clean after themselves.

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