Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Most of you know my family is an avid Indonesian soap opera fan. With one television, or rather with one as.tro at home, chances of watching those shows are pretty high. The current obsession is Intan, a drama about this girl whose life is so depressing, my life looks like a freakin’ fairytale.

Intan met Ello. Got pregnant. Married Ello. Ello died. Continued to live with Ello’s family. Intan met Rado. Everyone disapproves. Found her biological mom. Mom needs kidney. Surprise surprise only Intan’s kidney matches. Everyone disagrees but Intan donates one kidney to her biological mom anyway. Ello’s brother, Romi fell in love with Intan. Ello’s mom prefers Intan to marry Romi instead of Rado. Intan’s only kidney fails. Surprise surprise only Romi’s kindney can save Intan. Ello’s mom’s condition for Romi to donate his kidney is for Intan to marry Romi. Rado wanting Intan to live left Intan. Intan devastated agreed to marry Romi. After the operation, on their wedding day Romi told Intan to find Rado. Intan’s beloved grandma past away. Because this drama is so twisted Rado and Intan finally got together only to lose her (and Ello’s) son in a car accident that left Rado blind. When everyone finally approves Intan and Rado relationship, Rado died in a fire. The thing is he didn’t die but he regained his sight, lost his memory and married to another girl who calls him Aditya. He also became the world’s biggest and worst flirt. He and the wife bumped into Intan at her new workplace. Knowing Intan is “confused” Rado/Aditya messes with her mind. Of course, Intan’s boss, Dewa is also in love with her.

This is the summary of the 170 episodes with more to come. *LOL* Yes, you didn’t miss much.

The fact that I dislike the over-acting and the exaggerated story line did not stop me from watching the show every weekday. But it is not Intan I want to talk about. It’s Dewa Saputra, Intan’s boss.

He is very uptight, no-nonsense but deep inside he's a big softie who for some weird reason is allergic to women.

And surprise surprise *rolls eyes* he’s not allergic to Intan!

Anyway reason for this entry was last night’s scene. Since Dewa realized he has feelings for Intan, he went and bought a book on how to court a girl because he is weird and cute like that. Yes, a book. Comel kan? *grins* It was so hilarious and adorable! Since Valentine’s Day is just few days away… here’s a few tips on how NOT to court a girl.

1. When courting a girl, you must look the girl in the eye with all tenderness and tell her having dinner with her is your utmost dream

The first thing Dewa did when he saw Intan was to massage his eyes and tried his very best to give the Puss in Boots look, which he failed miserably. Too much weird eye twitching going on

Do this and end up looking like a mental patient

2. Tell a girl to her face that you like her without the fuss of the language of love and ask her out

Dewa went screaming at Intan telling her his feelings and demanded Intan to date him which scared the hell out of her

Dewa looked liked a bloody stalker and this is only suitable for those who are planning to get a restraining court order

3. Arrange for a romantic dinner and invite her without telling her in advance the reason for the outing

He called Intan while she was doing OT in the office. When Intan refused, Dewa told her this is part of her job. Intan, which btw is the “office girl” brought with her, her cleaning tools and actually paid the strollers in coins and tells them to play 3 songs for her.

Yes, a guaranteed date but embarrassing most definitely

*LOL* Trust me. It’s funnier to watch than to read it. Where can I get a dewa within the next four days? *whistles*


eSKay said...

eeee.. so ganjil one the story.. if im intan.. i wud've committed suicide a long time ago.. omg.. but i want to know who she end up with in the end.. but im sure she mati tu at the end of the day..

lets hope.
so, she doesnt have to commit suicide.

angelicbug said...

i forgot she did attempted to commit suicide twice. Once by junmping off a wall with her son but her grandma stopped her.

second time by drowning herself in the pool but Romi rescued her.

ish.. u this kan. i'm sure she'll end up wt rado. if not my mom will menangis darah ni.

i want her to end up with dewa. hahahaha.

eSKay said...


she will die in the end.. u see la.. then all of them is around her.. and she'll get her chance to say goodbye all making everybody feel guilty in the process..


tsmanta said...

so what happened to Romi??

I used to be so addicted with this one Indon drama series one time, sampai balik rumah from work trus buka TV. Thank god the program ended already. The storyline pun lebih kurang with this story of Intan. And I thought the Bold and the Beautiful were exagerated with their facial expression...Indon soap actors/actresses lagilah exagerated sampai tahap dewa ni. (pun unintended btw, hehe)

angelicbug said...

if she died, a lot of ppl would mengamuk. this like hindustan movie bah. cannot have sad ending. pantang tu.

romi is still around, jobless. he mcm tiada function in the movie ni. hahahahaha.....