Friday, July 09, 2010

7K 7K 7K

Okay. Everything I say or do these past few days are 7K Charity Run related. I must admit there are times when I had too much of 7K and I want to vomit blood. However, I have always been a big supporter of anything charity and so I do try my best to assist with the event.

Those who knows me well, knows how much I despise individuals who takes advantage from events such as this. Like individuals who not only ask for ridiculous amount of payment which we oblige because we understand they have to make a living, but to ask for ‘extras” like a full spa treatment and lobster for dinner, that’s a big NO-NO. Shame on those people.

For the 7K Run, ALL the profits made from the event will be divided equally among the selected beneficiaries which are the Special Olympics Sabah and Sabah Thalassaemia Society. Of course, profit meaning after deducting expenses such as manpower, food, beverages, etc. One also must take into account that the closure of the venue for at least four days means the organizer has already lost four days of revenue which indirectly means, the employees who enjoys service points will get lesser service point for that particular month. This does not include our over time working on this event which we don’t claim.

All in the name of charity.

True, there are no prizes for the winners but more than 500 people will walk away with great lucky draw prizes. Plus, unlike other marathons, we bring you your favorite local artist to entertain you as our way to show our appreciation for your generous support. What you “donate” for the event, is much lesser than what you would have to fork out for dinner/concert tickets anyway. Not forgetting the dress, the shoes, make up, etc.

The 7K Run is a great venue for families, friends and colleagues to spend quality time together. It doesn’t only promote a healthy lifestyle but it also spreads the message of sportsmanship, team spirit, love and unity within the community of Kota Kinabalu. Yes, the whole IMalaysia speech.

By the way, the real reason why we should support these two organizations is because they are non profitable organizations that needs money to run their activities and programs that help special children to develop skills which makes them more independent and confident of themselves as well as to help the Thalassaemia patients by providing them the drugs they need to survive. You and I know, no money no talk. In a year, Special Olympics Sabah needs more than RM100K to run while Sabah Thalassaemia patients needs about RM1K per month for their drugs alone. There are over a thousand of Thalassaemia patients in KK and more than half comes from the rural area. So take a calculator and count the expenses these organizations need to come up with every year.

FYI, last year’s 7K Run collected RM63,340.12k for each organizations. That’s the generousity of KK people worth RM126,680.23 in total.

So stop whining about the traffic, parking space and the crowd. Get yourself registered [yes we are still open for registration because you would not believe the amount of phone calls we get asking us to extend the deadline an hour before the Run because they are outstation, etc] and be a part of Sabah’s biggest Charity Run. I

f you don’t run, you can jog or walk. If you don’t do any of those, come and join the 7K Carnival anyway where there’ll be plenty of food and other interesting stuff. The 7K Carnival only uses the 7K coupon which is available for sale at RM10 per booklet. Yes, each booklet gives you additional shot at one of the lucky draw prizes.

I support the 7K Charity Run because the event benefits the organizations so much and needs so little from us.

So see you there ya. Don’t be a stranger. Say hie. Give me a hug. A high five also can.

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