Sunday, July 18, 2010


Having a star crush at 32 years of age is normal no?

I remember my first star crush. Jonathan Knight of NKOTB. Sure, he was the nerd-iest among the lot, but his shyness charmed me. Then there was Jimmy Lin, a Taiwanese singer who is SO comel I want to hug him to pieces. I was at the front row of his concert held at KDCA. It doesn’t matter I don’t understand a word he sang, but when he touched my hand (he stick his hands out while singing and I *ahem* touched it) I was sure, we were meant to be.

Yes, very silly of me.

Then there was Josh Harnett where I watched every movie he acted in but one day I woke up and I just stop. No more star crush. Major ones that is.

Until recently.

My sister introduced me to a Korean reality show of seven, now six men who travels around Korea. The show is hilarious and I cannot get enough of them that I have been watching them online the past few days. They’re so addictive!!!

Each man has different characters and personality which complemented each other. What I love about them is, despite the teasing and the fun bullying, they really do take care of each other. I also love that they are so humble and sweet when they meet their fans along their way. So, maybe it is all acting, but you can tell when one is genuinely a good person or not.

My favourite of the lot is Jiwon. He’s so funny and candid. Despite his wacky nature, he has a shy side too. Yes, I still have a thing for shy men. Makes me want to go to Korea and find someone like him. Yes, find someone like him, not him because he recently got married. *LOL* Ada tanda-tanda jadi stalker sudah ni kan?

Enjoy the video. He’s the dude in white. Check out 1D2N in youtube/online too or every Friday, 11.25pm at Channel 303 KBSW. Repeats are on Sunday at 5.25pm.


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