Friday, July 23, 2010


Aaah. The week is almost over. For some reason, I still have not recovered from 7K. My body is aching and I haven’t had a good night sleep in weeks! Yes, I do sleep after hours of tossing and turning but I also woke up every hour. I rather not sleep than to suffer like that.

I know I need to stop the caffeine (which I drink about four cups a day now) if I want to sleep at night but I need them to keep me awake during the day.

My whole body clock is so messed up.

What do I do during my sleepless nights? I play Super Puzzle Bobble on my mobile. The right side keypad doesn’t work so well and I go psychotic when the cursor doesn’t aim properly. Never the less, my highest score is 680,300 thank you very much. Unfortunately this is far from the highest score ever.

My here *hand points heart* pain.

Was listening to the radio the other day where the topic of the morning was about Malaysian and punctuality. I have issues with people who forever late because I HATE waiting. HATE HATE HATE though I do endure it. But that’s the thing kan? We are so nice, we allow these people to be late.

Late person: Eh, sorry ah saya lambat

Nice person: Tidak apa bah. Kami pun belum start lagi ni

When in reality, you are already 30 minutes behind schedule because you have to wait for that person.

The DJ said she had to wait 1.5 hour to be fed at a wedding because everyone was late. Instead of dinner, it becomes a wedding supper.

When I get married, I’d locked the ballroom door at exactly the time it was printed on the cards. Kan best. For this statement alone, my chances of walking down the aisle decreased by 101%. *LOL*

Oh well.

“Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else cab” – Elsa Maxwell.
You know what Elsa, I think you are right.

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