Tuesday, July 13, 2010

post mortem

The Universe knows that the 7K organizing committee worked really hard for the event and rewarded us with a fantastic weather that day. But you and I know that the Universe has an unusual sense of humour and gave me a near heart attack with four (or was it five?) blackouts. Apparently someone accidentally tripped on one of the cables. It took the whole technical team to find the source of the problem and fixed it. *claps hand*

I was really worried the crowd would start throwing their shoes at us but the sporting crowd just cheered us on. *two thumbs up* for them.

I don’t know what happened at the other end of the tennis court, but at my end, everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. The performers were superb. I cannot get Terry Peter’s new song out of my head “Pretty Young Girls” featuring Ridah and The Dugong. “Sumandak… sumandak”

Rene Barrow, Ridah and Jimmy Palikat were awesome too. If I was not working that night, I’d sumazau among the crowd sampai kena buang kasut kena suruh duduk ni. The other KK people are so polite. Everyone sat quietly on the floor, just clapping their hands to the music. Maybe they all penat berlari kan?

I wanted to organize a mob dance to mark the 10th celebration but it’s a good thing it didn’t happened because there wasn’t any space to do it anyway. But it would have been so cool kan? Oh well. There’s always a next time.

I am happy and relieved that the whole event was a success but I must share my disappointment with some people who doesn’t understand the concept of charity or the effort made by their fans to see them perform.

When you agree to perform for charity, please show up or at least have the courtesy to inform us that you cannot make it. I have gone the extra mile to make sure you get the promotional coverage that you deserve because you are helping the beneficiaries. You guys figure out larr sendiri who am I talking about.

Another thing, people come all the way from Keningau, Tenom and etc to see you perform. The same people who have spent money to vote for you. To sing one duet and a single only is pretty selfish don’t you think? What do you have to lose by singing another song? *tsk tsk tsk*

Ridah is superb. She came to the rehearsal a day before the event for the duet with Terry. We asked her on the spot if she would like to perform at the 7K and she immediately said yes. No question. No demand. People like her, would get my/our support anytime. Check out her song "Lugai Lugai".

We also have wealthy people who demanded free 7K Tshirts just because they are the committee member for something. OMG. It’s only RM25. Even school kids sanggup tidak makan ni mau kumpul duit to buy the Tshirt. I am ashamed for you.

These people are pathetic. But life is funny don’t you think? Funny because these people can get away with things like this while the good ones, and I am not talking about myself kay, have to go through hell and back just to survive.

“Things happened for a reason” they say, but why can’t THEY explain to me the reasons ?

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