Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mommy turtle

After the 7K, I am on an eating binge. I cannot stop stuffing my face silly. Like for lunch today, I had two bowl of bubur beras pulut hitam and I am so FULL it is not funny. Or pretty. Wish I could lie on the floor like a dugong and sleep.

I haven’t been sleeping well either. *sighs*

I am so very the tired. Exhausted. It’s just one of those days but strangely, this morning I woke up feeling happy despite what had happened. Ekiel woke up in a good mood too until I told my mom he was “flirting” with another girl in his class. *grins*He quickly defended himself by saying his GF is not in his school. WTH?

Men of all ages do think alike don’t they?

I don’t know about other mothers but I do somewhat have this [physical] image of what kind of man I want Ekiel to be when he grows up. You know that movie 17 Again?

Me: Ekiel, when you grow up, you be like that guy (points at Mike O’Donnell) okay. He’s so cool. Don’t be like those nerdy ones

Ekiel: No mommy, I just want to be myself

If I were a mommy turtle, I’d retrieve into my shell for a very long time.

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