Friday, July 30, 2010


After 30 years, the Lim’s residence is finally getting the much needed renovation.
With the amount of cracks and what not, I am grateful the house did not just give up and collapse.

Ekiel: Mommy, we need a new house

Me: Why?
Ekiel: This one broken already

The Lim’s residence is more than concrete and whatever used to build a house. There is so much warmth in the house that it has become the appointed meeting venue for the family. Despite having only three bedrooms, 11 of us managed to make ourselves comforta
ble. There were occasions when we had about 20 of us sleeping in that house.

camping dlm rumah. Definitely fun.

Until the work is done, we’ll be staying at my aunt’s place at what I think is at the other side of the planet. Yes, I am exaggerating but it does feel bloody far.
Instead of leaving at 7.30am so Ekiel will reach his school by 7.40am, ngam ngam tu loceng berbunyi, now we have to leave by 7.00am which means I have to wake up 30 minutes extra.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to wake Ekiel up every morning?
Even though he’s awake, he’ll pretend to sleep and rolls everywhere. When you pull him up, he’ll just fall back on bed which is very scary. Carrying him is the only option and he is getting heavier by the day. And that people is on a good day. On a bad day, the residents of Tg Aru can hear me screaming.


Ekiel: I pening dengar you mommy

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