Sunday, July 25, 2010

I’ll do my crying in the rain…

Me: Hmmm… I smell durian
Ekiel: What durian? That bau my kentut larr.

I am forever entertained by my own little ‘clown’ kan?

The weather has gone mad again. I don’t know if the rain is the reason for this melancholic feeling, but it’s funny how the weather understands my mood swings better than I understand it myself. Like the past few days, I am feeling very down about stuffs, and the rain just keep on pouring.

No, I have not lost my head nor am I high on anything. I only had two cups of caffeine today. But then and again, I may be high on peanut butter *evil smile*. I took a spoonful and savour the delicious creamy spread. Made me so bloody happy. I ignored my mom’s disapproving look, and help myself to a second spoon. It was heavenly.

My favourite is peanut butter on bread/bun sprinkled with sugar with hot milo. YUMMY. Just melts everything away. My preferred comfort food.

I am on an eating binge these past weeks. *sighs* I am constantly hungry and when I don’t entertain my cravings, my gastric protest and there’ll be pain to bear.

Why oh why everything is just so damn difficult. Makan susah tidak makan pun susah.

It also seems like lately everyone have woken up at the wrong side of the bed? Listen to me people, do all of us a favour. Find your right side of the bed and push the wrong side against the wall. Save us all the headache and the drama.

As for the evil ones, go dip yourself in a tub of holy water. Or wear garlic amulet. Or stand under the hot sun. Or walk across the path of fire. Or bow 108 times. Or find yourself a new hobby or a new victim. Whatever works for you.

Long week ahead but that means my very much needed vacation is coming soon!!! *woohoo* Until then, I think I need to buy myself a bigger bottle of creamy peanut butter. This cloud of depression is determined to stay above my head until it rains and I drown in sorrow.

Happy Sunday people.

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