Monday, July 19, 2010


Just because it’s Monday, my body and mind refuses to cooperate. And because of my love hate relationship with the universe, he taunts me by sending annoying annoying people my way and perfects the bad day fiesta by making the time crawl much much slower than a boring boring day.


My mom come home the other day and told me about her Indian friend whose daughter is married to a Mat Salleh and the adorable son they have. Bah, when you have mixed marriages like that of course the offspring will be gorgeous kan? It should larr.

Mom: Cute tu budak. Mata dia bulat dan besar lagi dari Ekiel punya. Hidung dia mancung, bukan mcm Ekiel flat…

Me: Bah, nanti saya cari larr Mat Salleh
Mom: eee… getek juga

Free free me kena pangil getek. *LOL*

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