Friday, July 16, 2010

Because I am your mommy, I know EVERYTHING

Me: You finished already your homework? Yang letter Y that.
Ekiel: Already. How you know I got homework Y?

Me: I know larr
Ekiel: How?
Me: Because I…

Ekiel: *give me the hand* Stop it. I don’t want to hear what you say

Me: Why?

Ekiel: It drives me crazy.

I enjoyed my conversations with Ekiel more than most adults I know.


carolchs said...

hehee macam i can imagine si ekiel show you his palm while his head shook right and left, saying "no, no mummy...stop that already". hehehe

angelicbug said...

mcm tu larr tu Carol.
the first time he did it, i was shocked. after a while, i sengaja larr cari gaduh. :D

vsk said...

haha it drives him crazyyyyyyyy???? aduiiiii chomelnyerrr