Sunday, March 29, 2009

I supported the 60 Earth Hour

Although some of own my family members were skeptical with the 60 Earth Hour, they went along with it anyway. Not that they have any choice. My sisters and I switched off every single light in the house. Hee.  We didn’t even light any candles as everyone was fixed in front of the television and me on the computer.

I was pleased to hear many of the relatives switched off the lights *claps hands* but unfortunately, not everyone in my neighborhood participated. I guess many people still do not understand what it is about.

Maybe next year.

Ekiel: Mommy, why no karan (electricity)? We no money?


eSKay said...

hahhah.. apa la ko jawab tu?? how u explain the ozone layer stuff to him?

angelicbug said...

ko ingat saya mau explain?
i just say we ikut 60 Earth Hour if not the earth die.

he just look at me and starts jumping up and down tgk AF.

vsk said...

hahahaha... nasib dia tidak tanya banyak kan...

Anonymous said...


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