Friday, March 20, 2009

gloomy days

It’s like a marathon of nightmares in Relationship Street. Did the relationship server crashed too? Yes, the internet is still a pain in the arse. *sighs*

Though it has nothing to do with me; I feel sad, bad and at the same time frustrated too because my believe in Happily Ever After is dying a painful death. *sniffs*

Am I selfish to worry about my Happily Ever After in situations like these?

I do not have the answer to why it happened or why it happened to them. I wish I do because that would explain many, many things and make things a little better for some. I just don’t know what are the right things to say at this moment. *sighs deeply*

But I do feel you. I truly do.

Someone asked me if this is Karma. I told her I wonder the exact same thing for myself and we agreed that Karma has nothing better to do than to mess with us and us only. *grins*

The only thing I know from all this is, we will one day be able to pick ourselves up, dust the pain away and move on. This too shall pass and things will get better. Slowly but surely it will.

Don’t lose faith my friends.
Love will definitely come again.
In some form or another.

*Hugs & kisses*

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vsk said...

macam sama saja channel w my post ni... hmm...

so sad.. damn those karma...

apa o...