Saturday, March 21, 2009

of love and death

I believe everything happens for a reason.
I also still believe we are all someone else’s moral story.

This week, I have learned about the death of many people. Though I do not know them personally, I know the pain of those who loves them dearly. May their souls rest in peace and their loved ones blessed with strength and wisdom.

I have blogged about the Palliative Care Association here in KK and the wonderful things they do for their patience. One of the many things they do which I think is remarkable is to grant the wish of these terminally ill patients.

Yesterday, they were in the Resort to fulfill the wish of one of their patient, a 28 year old man who is diagnosed with nose cancer with no hope for recovery.

His dream was to become a chef and yesterday he became our honorary chef. He was given a tour of our kitchen by the Head Chef where they discussed many things only chefs would understand and made a simple dish to commemorate the visit.

It was heartwarming and brought tears not only to his family members, but the Resort’s staff including myself who only listened to the story from my colleague who was brave enough to organize the visit. I will never be able to survive it.

What hit me the most was he is only 28 years of age. When I was 28, I was starting a new chapter in my life with endless whining and complaints. Check out 2006 entries and you’ll know what I mean.

When I think of this man, I am humbled.

Life is fragile. I know this and yet I am wasting it away by worrying about the unnecessary. I take those people around me for granted because I am not the type to neither show nor express how I feel because I believe it should be understood if not mutual. *whistles* Yes, me and my assumptions.

After the many sad news, love is now uncertain with no guarantee for a happily ever after. I know this too but you know what, I think for this reason, when you have love, it should be celebrated, displayed and appreciated. When it expires, it’s okay because you have “lived it” or otherwise you have not lived at all.

The whole week is just too surreal for me. Despite the gloomy cloud that is hovering above our head, I want to laugh, sing and smile from one ear to another. I know this joy is temporary and most probably just the effect of my wild imagination plus my need for *ahem* kasih sayang (attention).

*sighs deeply* What to do larr kan?


eSKay said...

ala.. so sad.. how la that nose cancer?? cannot breath?? i scared mau google..

angelicbug said...

I also tidak berani tanya ni but I really hope he'll be around next Friday for the PC.

I know I will cry but I have this urge to meet him.